Less than a week before EMEX…

November 19, 2021
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Less than a week to go before EMEX...

I am super excited to be at EMEX – The Net Zero & Energy Management Expo for four reasons… 

It’s less than a week to go before EMEX.  Are you going?  It’s 24th and 25th November at Excel in London.

Whilst COP26 is a lot of hot air and bluster for politicians, EMEX is the show for professionals actually making day-to-day reductions in carbon emissions.  There I said it.

Of course, we need politicians with hot air and bluster but actually, businesses and people drive carbon reduction and deliver on the promises of politicians!

For EMEX this year, I am super proud for four reasons;

1) My company Climate Change Professionals are exhibiting – stand D17 to be precise
2) I am hosting and speaking at the session – Building Skills, Creating a Net Zero Workforce in the Behaviour Change Energy & Carbon Management Strategy Theatre from 11 am on Wednesday 24th November
3) EMEX is face-to-face, so I get to see real people, not on zoom.
3) As a single dad of two girls, I have organised a robust plan for their care (and the care of their dual heritage hair) as I will be away from home for two nights.

Why is EMEX so important?

It brings those who are currently working in the Climate Change arena, (consultants, manufacturers, and those delivering energy savings) to one place to share best practice to those who would like to work in the Climate Change arena.

And that is why I put my hand up to speak at the event Building Skills, Creating a Net Zero Workforce.


I cannot emphasize how important this sector is.  The UK is on the cusp of a green revolution.  We develop, we build and we install low and zero-carbon technology.

We create ambitious ideas to decarbonise and we action these ideas.

The UK is leading the World in many low carbon activities and we need the skills to grow this sector to be World-class.

My company Climate Change Professionals was developed with four main aims…

We created a pledge where individuals could sign up to make a difference to the planet and share best practice.

We provide consultancy services to help organisation to develop and deliver a Net Zero plan.

We provide employees to help those companies deliver their Net Zero plan.

We support people with quality training to create and implement Net Zero plans.

In every aspect of this journey, we are short of the necessary skills to decarbonise.  We are short of consultants and we are short of installers.

One of the UK Governments’ bluster on this, is their statement that 250,000 green jobs will be created.  I actually believe this.  I actually think they are conservative with this expectation.  I actually think the figure will be much higher.

And I am happy that we will be providing candidates through Climate Change Professionals.

If you already work in the industry, please attend.  If you are contemplating a career in the industry, please, please, please attend.

Finally, please don’t let my meticulous childcare planning go to waste.  Come and listen to me or some of the brilliant speakers at EMEX!!  If you are fed up with your current role, I want to talk to you.  Become a Climate Change Professional.  Never has there been a better time for your talents to shine!

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