Why Is Everyone Talking About Net Zero?

June 10, 2021
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Why is everyone talking about Net Zero and how will it affect my business?

Net Zero, Net Zero, Net Zero…

It’s all I ever hear at the moment.  And I will tell you why I am glad…

Since 2008 I have been working with clients to help them reduce energy consumption, install renewables and comply with environmental consumption through my company CCC Energy.


But my interest goes deeper than these three areas.  Whilst I have been helping clients save money by using less energy and cutting carbon, secretly I have known that the efforts of my team have been helping to save our fragile planet too.

After “running through fields of wheat” and before leaving the job of PM, Rt Hon Teresa May MP enshrined in law a commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050 (the first country in the World to do it).  So thanks to Teresa, you will be hearing about Net Zero for at least another thirty years!

Last week I took a break (in my opinion, well-earned) in Anglesey.  I tried to switch off, but I also took over twenty calls from clients new and old asking me about Net Zero…

Most had the same questions… “What is Net Zero?” “What does it mean for my organisation?” “How can we become Net Zero?” “What are the costs?” “What are the benefits?” “Why is there so much jargon around Net Zero?” “Can we do some steps now and some steps later?” “What can I tell my customers we are doing?”…. the list goes on, but there were a lot of similarities!

In all of these conversations last week, I said exactly the same things, “don’t panic, we can help”.

During lockdown 2020, with co-directors Lord Redesdale (former CEO of the Energy Managers Association), Jason Franks CEO Emex, and Isaak Badru (former recruitment consultant for the Built Environment), we formed Climate Change Professionals and acknowledged the huge task ahead of us.

In order for the UK to meet its Net Zero targets, we need an army of foot soldiers who can help organisations with those questions above.  We also need to train existing employees in all areas surrounding Net Zero.  And for those organisations who neither want to recruit or train in-house, we offer consultancy services for organisations towards Net Zero.  It’s a good job Rupert, Jason, Isaak, and I come with many years of experience and many contacts in this field.

On top of which, Isaak and his recruitment team are recruiting candidates to fill vacancies right now.  And just a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the CEO of a large blue-chip thanking me for the effort of our recruitment team in finding their new Head of Sustainability.  The email went onto say “we are delighted with the appointment, as our new Sustainability Head has created our Net Zero Strategy already and conveyed this strategy and its importance to our top five clients who spend in excess of £40m a year with us.  Our sales and marketing team are now happy to talk about this area with clients instead of shying away from the topic”.  Brilliant!

As for training, Climate Change Professionals has operated training courses for the NHS through to large FM consultancies.  We have undertaken “skills gap analysis” for existing teams and trained where appropriate.  Our Net Zero Manager course has received incredible feedback and we have, due to demand, opened up another ten dates between now and the end of the year!  Our next course on the 23rd June is a must if you want to move into this space or if you want to improve your skills in the area of Net Zero.

Climate Change Professionals Training

Finally, for those wanting to start on their Net Zero journey or sense check, we provide our “Strategic Vision Days”.  These will answer most of the questions at the start of this rambling.  One such day included over ten members of an organisation, along with two expert brains from Climate Change Professionals with some great solutions and steps forward and the creation of a route map to Net Zero.

So for anything Net Zero, contact Climate Change Professionals.  Our team will give you some expert guidance on how to move forward in this area.  Teresa has lit the tough paper, meaning your clients will be asking about Net Zero, your employees will be asking about Net Zero, so start that journey now.

But considering my roots in helping organisations to save money, the exciting part for me is still helping organisations to uncover energy savings, putting profit on the bottom line.

Thanks for reading.


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