Is Net Zero mumbo jumbo?

April 30, 2021
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Is Net Zero mumbo jumbo?


UK Government has legislated that all organisations need to reach Net Zero by 2050.  And just last week published new drastic carbon cuts of 78% by 2035!

But what does this mean?

Well, we are helping companies and organisations to understand “what is net zero?” “How can it be achieved?” “what are the benefits?” “what are the costs?” “what can we realistically do?” “what legislation will impact my business and when?”

We break it down and simplify Net Zero for your business or organisation.  WE INSPIRE, WE ENCOURAGE and WE LEAD!

Moving into this space now will give your organisation the best advantage to BUILD BACK BETTER and BUILD BACK GREENER from the Coronavirus pandemic.

At the core of our NET ZERO strategy is the client.  We then undertake a STRATEGIC VISION DAY – which is our opportunity to learn about your organisation, your people, your clients and your suppliers.

During the day, we help our clients to understand what is possible and to set some realistic goals.

Our sessions make it simple and fun to understand about greenhouse gases or scope emissions.  We engage with your teams to develop a ROUTE-MAP TO NET ZERO, which is a short document that spells out the way forward for your organisation.

From this point forward, we need all of those within an organisation to PRIORITISE SUSTAINABILITY.

When an organisation knows what is possible (and the costs and the benefits), we can help them to communicate the NET ZERO message to all involved, customers, suppliers, employees and board members.

There will be other pieces of work to be done.  We can either train or work with your teams for them to do them in-house or we can provide these services.

The list below is not exhaustive;

Set goals, create policy, upskill the team, calculate footprints (embodied and operational carbon), execute and review the plan, challenge specifications, challenge methods, make use of ESOS reports to make savings, provide FREE SECR Reporting, undertake audits and install energy efficiency and renewable technology, monitor energy and progress, ensure compliance to legislation, evaluate supply chains, find new market areas for growth and communicate what the organisation is doing in an effective, positive way!

Whatever your reasons to read this article, know that through our NET ZERO ALLIANCE (the best the country has to offer to deliver NET ZERO STRATEGIES), we have energy, passion and experience to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND LEAD your organisation to NET ZERO.

So what are you waiting for?  We are working for some wonderful clients already and we want to work with you.

Contact me today and book a FREE consultation…

Best wishes


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