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Free Mental Health and Wellbeing for all!

"Whether is it Climate Change anxiety, vaccination worries, home schooling or something else, we all have mental health."

Some of us have great coping strategies, some of us don’t.  My company Climate Change Professionals wants to help and support mental health & wellbeing, as we believe passionately that in order to find the best candidates for the roles we are increasingly being asked to recruit for, we need them to be healthy.

In my case, during a relationship break-up many years ago, I created a booklet which contained many of the things I was good at, many of the things that were important to me and it really helped me refocus when the chips were down.  The biggest ability I had back then was to plan something to look forward to.
And boy did it work for me.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things that is really getting to me, is the lack of being able to plan for the future.  Like many, there is less and less to look forward to during these lockdown weekends.  Where we would normally have a quick trip to the beach, we are instead having a kids online zoom birthday party from the comfort of our homes.

I love my kids, but I want more for them and me than that.

Because at Climate Change Professionals, we understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing, we have teamed up with two amazing NHS doctors.  Actually they have been friends of mine for almost ten years.

Dr. Raphael Olaiya and his twin brother Dr. Daniel Olaiya are helping us with our own staff and also helping anyone who has signed the Climate Change Professionals Pledge.

With their help we are hosting dedicated mental health and wellbeing webinars and short courses.  I hope they are able to give me some more ideas to replace the one I have used before, planning nice things for the weekends!

Even if you have coping strategies, like I had, I am pretty sure you would learn something from what these incredibly talented people can offer.

Their knowledge comes from academia and working on the frontline of the NHS.

So please sign the Climate Change Professionals Pledge and await your invite.

Take the Pledge today!

It’s really important that we all find out what resources are available to us during these difficult times and I really hope you gain something from our sessions.  Recently I undertook a poll on linkedIn and found that 75% of all respondents stated that their mental health was worse now than 12 months ago, when the pandemic first started.  Horrible reading.  So let’s do something about this.

Have a lovely Valentines weekend.


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