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Great Minds Property Group presents the Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance and top quality training courses!

"Festive Greetings to all of you…"

Imagine if I told you there was an organisation with over forty of the top Net Zero Professionals around today
  • Imagine if I told you these professionals came from a variety of backgrounds, who had helped to develop and plan for some of the biggest companies and organisations in the World
  • Imagine if I told you these professionals were trained to deliver exacting standards
  • Imagine if I told you that they were the most passionate about delivering Net Zero solutions

Welcome my friends to Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance!

2021 is going to be an exciting year.  With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, we will be able to hug loved ones again.  You may also be able to hug your Net Zero Consultant too!

2021 is the year that Joe Biden will take command of the USA resulting in America finally taking seriously Climate Change.

2021 is the year that the UK Government will launch the biggest range of carrots and sticks to organisations to help them achieve Net Zero.

Whether you a director of a large company, whether you run a small business, do not get left behind.

Embrace Net Zero and appoint the Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance!Aside from the fact that the UK Government has mandated that businesses will need to be Net Zero by 2050, instead think “why wait until then to become Net Zero?” – there are many advantages!

By starting this process today with the Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance, we believe that your business can gain competitive advantage – you might be the first in your industry!

We believe that your business will save money – who doesn’t want to achieve that?

We also believe that we will identify new low carbon markets for your business, so that you will grow.

And by moving towards a Net Zero business, you will attract and retain quality employees.

If these reasons were not enough, we know that by achieving Net Zero you will feel better about yourself and happier knowing that you will leave a better planet in a better place for your children and grandchildren.

How will Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance help you?

We will devise a Climate Change Action Plan for your business.

Our plan will examine key areas needed to move your business towards Net Zero.

It may involve energy efficient and renewable technologies.

It may involve behavioural change training for your employees.

It may involve recruiting Climate Change Professionals to your business to encourage others to help with the mission to become Net Zero.

Our measures will encourage all within your business to make lasting changes to tackle climate change.

Our energy specialists are passionate about renewable technology, and are eager to help you make the switch to renewables!

You have choices when faced with growing environmental legislation;

Do nothing – be fined and have brand damage
Do the bare minimum – and don’t reduce costs
Be pro-active – improve your business, provide longevity, stability and growth and be Net Zero.

Welcome my friends to Climate Change Professionals Net Zero Alliance!

Additionally Climate Change Professionals have some amazing training courses for those wanting to join this industry for the first time or upskill.  Plus we design bespoke training course to meet your organisational needs.
Check out our Climate Change Manager and Net Zero Manager courses.

Both are two days, with additional online modules and an interview process.

The Climate Change Manager Complete Course:

The Net Zero Manager Complete Course:

A recent participant of one of our courses said “The Climate Change Manager course was incredibly informative.  The detail was great for those starting out, but also for those with knowledge already.  The course has given me so many ideas to implement into my own organisation.  I would recommend the courses provided by Climate Change Professionals and I look forward to my Net Zero Manager course – thank you”.

Start your 2021 with a commitment to becoming Net Zero.  Start your 2021 with some training to become a Climate Change Manager or Net Zero Manager.  You can do it!

Have an amazing Christmas and I look forward to working with you in 2021.

Best wishes

Dave Armstrong

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